Assemble custom learning paths and manage and track learning

Facilitate awareness and compliance to regulations, processes and policies

Share best practices and encourage and reinforce collaboration and engagement

Host, push and support content to your own clients


VIBE LPE is a learning and performance engine that adapts to your vision of what is right for your business.

It can be one, some, or all of these platforms.


Assemble custom learning paths and manage and track learning

Our work with this leader in performance improvement methodologies and tools focused on giving them the capability to push training to the thousands of users in their client organizations. We built a series of modular components that can be assembled in customized learning paths for administrators, teams, managers, and customer-facing employees. The program is managed by the client and hosted and supported on a customized VIBE LPE with robust tracking and reporting features.


Facilitate awareness and compliance to  regulations, processes and policies

Our work with this hospitality industry client won a CSTD Wow! Award for eLearning excellence. They needed a way to build, implement, and sustain a global collaborative mindset in their people. We designed and built a collaborative social platform so they could problem solve challenges, share best practices and demonstrate leadership around the world.


Share best practices and encourage and reinforce collaboration and engagement

Our work with this large food retailer required us to develop innovative ways to push out learning using a responsive design strategy facilitated by an agile learning management system. We used the Adapt Framework to construct a total learning program of over 75 modules and set of reference materials available in customized learning paths for leaders, supervisors and front-line employees. The program has robust reporting features and is hosted and supported on our own learning and performance engine—VIBE LPE.


Host, push and support content to your own clients

Our work with this health and safety client involved focusing on an online strategy facilitated by a learning management system. We turned their proven first aid approach into a WSIB Ontario certified 26-module online course (text, visuals, audio, instructional videos) hosted in customized learning paths on VIBE LPE. We set up the site as a client-driven revenue engine with robust reporting features and continue to host and provide support.


VIBE LPE works seamlessly with all authoring tools and custom html builds.


VIBE LPE puts a responsive learning and performance engine in the hands of smart  businesses looking to manage the learning and engagement of people.


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